Movies have always played a pretty major role in my life. My parents met at a movie theatre where they both worked at 15. My parents encouraged us to watch movies, even if they were in black and white. I grew up hearing people say that I looked like Elizabeth Taylor. This was really irritating till I saw National Vevet and realized it was a compliment (all I had seen was liz at 40 or 50 and what 7 year old wants to hear that they look over 40?) It was ok once I knew they meant like her as a kid. I've always loved Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra. Bing Crosby reminds me of one grandfather and Sinatra reminds me of the other. Watching movie s is a way to remember them in a way. I also thing Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn are incredibly funny together and that Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly are possibly the prettiest women who've ever lived. Guess you've gotten the idea that I like movies. I listed my favorites on the "about me" page and won't repeat them. I will put links to pages I've made for a few movies. I'm also adding an actor and actress page. For information on any movie, the best site to go to is They have everything. If you are looking to buy dvds, there's a site called

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I love the movies. My parents met in a theater. I met my husband in a theater. My sister met her husband in the theater. It's kinda a tradition. Anyway, movies have always been a passion of sorts. I love the old stuff: Cary Grant, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Danny Kaye. The women were more beautiful. The men were more romantic. Wearing a dress wasn't limited to "dress up" occasions. All kinda romantic stereotypes but I love them. Some of the best movies aren't terribly well known. At least not by people my age. I would say that all of the road movies are a "must see". The Court Jester with Danny Kaye is good but not as fun as Wonder Man. If the words "ta-pocket-a, pocket-a" mean nothing to you, you've missed a great movie (and short story). His Girl Friday is a favorite. There are a few out there with Lucille Ball that are amazing and very rarely spoken of. Most I don't even remember the titles but would know them if I saw them. There's a movie called "The Easy Way" with Cary Grant that I'm searching for and it doesn't seem to have ever made it to VHS let alone DVD. Yes, I would have to say old movies are my favorites. The newer stuff isn't too bad tho.

First example, Braveheart is excellent. Rob Roy and the Patriot were also good. Ladyhawke with a young Matthew Broderick is quite good (not really new but not old). ANYTHING by John Hughes is a good bet. The "Brat Pack" was a major part of my teenage years tho I'm only now old enough to appreciate St. Elmo's Fire. Actually made me cry. Speaking of make ya cry movies, Saving Private Ryan is very good and very sad, being about war that's not a surprise. A movie that made me laugh a lot and was a big surprise was Pulp Fiction. NOT a kid's movie and not for the squeamish but if one sees it for the comedy it is, it's worth watching, if only for the scene with Quentin Tarantino...oh and the scene with the drug overdose and the chaos that ensues when John Travolta drives the OD'ing victim to his dealer's house. Guess you gotta see the movie to see how it can be funny. Picturing Eric Stoltz screaming "prank call, prank call" into his cell phone did make me laugh tho.

Ooh. One more, then I will stop babbling. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. You HAVE to see it. It stars Richard Dreyfuss, Gary Oldman and Tim Roth. The premise of the movie is that these two men (Rosencrantz and Guildenstern) are walking along, one is flipping a coin as they speak, and realize that they don't remember anything before the knock on the door. It's a void. The entire movie follows these two men as they try to figure out who they are and why they are there. Now, if you haven't read or at least scene Hamlet yet, then I'm going to warn you....this is a spoiler. I'm going to continue tho because if you've read this far and haven't read or scene Hamlet then you won't care and if you do, then maybe you'll go get a copy and read it!!!! I recommend the Mel version for the movie. Anyway, back to R&G, the whole point of the movie is this. Rosencrantz & Guildstern exist purely to die. That's their whole purpose. They appear when the king calls for them. They are put on a ship and are killed. They realize, standing in their nooses, that it's a story, they are players and maybe, next time (in other words next read or play of the story) they will figure it out soon enough not to die. Maybe I'm a nerd. Ok, I am a nerd. It's a creative story, well acted and very funny. Poor Rosencrantz (or is it Guildenstern? notice that Shakespeare never specified a difference) keeps making major discoveries that no one notices and of course, due to his dying and all, aren't discovered for years. This one requires you both viewing the movie and reading the play, out loud with a friend if possible. Now, underneath are some posters. I will not ramble but I will say that Hitchcock is truly a genius. My recommendations are "see all of them". Even if I don't have the poster pic. His movies are great. That's my rambling for now. :o) Go watch a movie! or go to my movie quotes page :)