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This is my "Christian" page. I'm not a teacher or a preacher. Just a girl who has been a Christian my entire life. Although I don't remember a specific day when I was "saved," I consider myself "born again". I'm often asked what religion I am, or what "brand" of Christianity I practice. To sum up, I'm a born again, Jesus Freak, raised Catholic and mostly incredibly in love with and in awe of God, who has given me more than any girl could possibly want.

I spend lots of my time online chatting with my lds friends (mormons for the uninitiated)....I do not do this because I want to covert or even to change their minds. I do this because I like chatting with them. Despite our different beliefs, most of them crack me up :) (you know who you are : ) I also do this to learn....can't have a decent debate without all the facts. :)

With all that info.....here are some of my favorite Christian links :)


Favorite online bible

Online bible w/orig. Hebrew and Greek

The Catholic mass w/ bible verses supporting all the parts.

Best LDS research site....links to both non lds and lds sites.

Michael W. Smith ::sigh::


(used to listen to them perform in a little Christian coffeehouse back in Kansas City)

Keith Green-He was an amazing man with incredible songs. The book "No Compromise" tells the story of his life and death.

Amy Grant-first concert I ever went to

Christian graphics



That's all I can think of right now....if anyone knows where I can find a ring with the Christian fishy <>< all the way around a band, preferably in gold, email me by clicking on the fishy!