Alexis is the 3rd of the nine and is a newlywed. She met and married Lonny and is living in a cute little apartment in a more trendy area of town and both work in their
field. I don’t have a clue what the actual titles are but they are both in and around the film industry which is fitting, as they also met in a movie theatre. Alexis is the one that I describe to many as my best friend and my worst enemy. We get along great and spent most of our teenage years as roommates. BUT, as is often the case when you care about someone, our fights are awful in that I really hate it when she’s mad at me or vice versa. It occurred to me that disagreements wouldn’t bother me nearly as much if I didn’t love her. Alexis is also the other half (with me as the first) of the set of bookends that identify Colleen as the "nice one." J Al is an amazing writer and awesome aunt. Her nephews adore her and Uncle Lonny and they have been lots of help with the kids since they were born. Here are some pictures from their wedding, with one picture from my wedding that I love.