Second boy in our gang is Adam. He is amazing and funny. Hes also very bright and a very hard worker. I think he could accomplish almost anything he tries. He also has a girlfriend. Her name is Ondrea and she is a doll. She has a smile that can light up a room and to watch the two of them disagree is actually quite comical. They both have really strong personalities and a tendency to be stubborn. Its funny because the time I see her side and the time I see his. The two are quite a combo and a lot of fun to be around. Adam is an incredible uncle and has
been here since day 1. When we lived in an apartment, Adam would visit multiple times in a week, often bearing gifts for his first nephew. He even bought Josh a couple of outfits, which, if you knew my brother, would be funnier because Adam is a great dresser. Hes got great taste in clothes and never looks bad. Ever. He got Josh this little mini version of what he would wear and it was perfect. Hes also spoiled the child with more than one Elmo, a little basketball set, always a surprise. Josh, of course, adores him and I get a kick out of it because, sometimes, I can see Adam, at 3 years old, in Joshs face.