7th Heaven

8:00 pm EST Mondays on the WB

7th heaven is on monday nights at 8 pm eastern. it's the story of the Camden family. It's received criticism for everything from being too unrealistic (too nice) to too risque (the way the camden girls dress). Well, I am the oldest of 9 children and can tell you that it's a very very accurate portrayal of family dynamics of a Christian home with many children. The older kids to tend to mother the younger kids. Different siblings are closer at different times and even form cliques at times. (someone thought the ganging up aspect was weird). You can ask my sisters. I act too bossy (matt camden) because I care about them. Colleen always got in trouble more often than Alexis or me. Yes, some families still sit down to dinner and pray. The younger brother always has more money than the teenage sister and, in recent episodes, when one child is endangering their life, the other kids with both gang up on, protect and defend that siblings the best they can. Basically, when God is the center of a family's life, there really is love and strength and the children will be, in a sense, abnormal. This does not mean they are perfect. The dresses the Camden girls wear? Well, let's just say that I am still teased about a skirt that my mom HATED and my sister called a "belt". My parents were wise enough to realize that, although they didn't always love the way we dressed or wore our hair (brothers always had long hair), there's more harm in making such things forbidden. Within reason. I would love to say I never dressed improperly but that wouldn't be true. At 17, the shorter the skirt the better and mom and I butted heads over it all the time. I eventually grew out of the skirt. Tho, even now, at 28, dressed to go to dinner, my mom told me to touch my toes. I laughed, realized i couldn't and changed dresses. Still attached to short skirts cause they make me look taller! :o)

Matt, Mary, Lucy

Simon, Ruthie, Mom, Dad, Sam & David

All photos are from the WB. Not owned by me. Simply placed here to encourage you to watch the show! :) It's really really good. Matt (Barry Watson), Mary (Jessica Biel), Lucy (Beverly Mitchell), Simon (David Gallagher), Ruthie (Mackenzie Rosman), Annie (Catherine Hicks), Eric
(Stephen Collins), need to look up Sam & David. for more info wb.com